Your breath smells like butt…

… baby butt that is.

I must start this post with a super embarrassing story so that you don’t TOTALLY hate super hot super mama Lisa.  When I showed up before her kids session, she was finishing up a couple odds and ends (I don’t know how she does it… twin 8 month olds and an almost three year old… yikes).  She told me she was hurrying around trying to get everyone fed, dressed, and ready for my arrival and when she brushed her teeth… she used a tube that LOOKED like tooth paste… turns out it was Balmex.  Yes… BALMEX BABY BUTT CREAM.

Is that a flipping scream or what?

For you non-baby havers out there, baby butt creme works as a water barrier, so as you can imagine… getting the yuck out of her mouth?  A little tricky.  Her tooth brush was ruined, and before it was all over… so was her husbands.  Again…

Is that a flipping scream or what?

So now that you know that her breath smells like baby butt, maybe you won’t hate her quite so much for looking like this…

Or having kids that look like this…

One of the best parts of my job is watching little ones grow.  The first time I shot Lisa’s family Sophia (now almost three) was a happy little almost one year old.

The second time around Preston and Vivi (now eight months) had just made their debut.  They were soooo soooo tiny.

It was great to spend the morning with a family that is just a touch crazier than my own.  Can you even imagine?  Sophia wasn’t even two and a half when the twins were born.  Lisa really does handle the craziness with ease.  She’s one of those Mom’s you love to hate… funny, organized, skinny jean wearing, beautiful baby maker. Even if her breath smells like baby butt.  🙂

  • amy stamm - love it–cute cute cute

    IM BACK–its been awhile–did u have baby #3???? I got addicted to Facebook and have not been on here forever —– well take care–still love love love the pictures!!! TFS

  • Mandi - Oh my goodnesss….those babies look like Cabbage Patch Kids!! They are soooooo stinkin adorable! And the big sister is just precious! Great job Kathy, I love it!! 🙂

  • Alison - Now that is a funny story! I’m so sorry that that happened but hilarious none the less!

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