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For you non-Wabash Valley folks, that is like the Oscar, the Emmy, the Moon Man of awards for outstanding teachers in Terre Haute, Indiana and the surrounding counties. There are only five chosen every year from 100’s and 100’s of teachers and JULIE WON! She teaches 5th grade and really really cares about her kids. I’m so glad she is getting recognized for all of her hard (and heart) work! And the best part? One of the students in her class nominated her. Anyone can write a letter to nominate a teacher, but I think it makes it extra special that a 5th grader cared enough to write a letter explaining how Julie impacts her students’ lives. I’ve always known how much Julie cares about her students and how exciting that now EVERYONE KNOWS!!!

If you want to leave her some love, go comment on HER BLOG.

Way to go Julie!

  • Heather Mears - Don’t you love it when good things happen to good people? Especially when it’s good people that you know? It makes it feel like it’s happening to you too!

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