Sorry I’m a little late, but….  My new blog is FINALLY alive and kicking!  I am soooo excited to share it with you!  I know, I know… change can be rough, but I promise that once you take a look around, you’ll be as excited about the change as I am!  I’m still tweaking and adjusting and working on the nearly IMPOSSIBLE task of transferring everything over from Typepad.   I have ran in to several bumps in the road with old links and photos.   If you run in to any glitches while snooping around, be sure and drop me a line and let me know!

Here’s your New Blog “to do” list…

1. Change your bookmarks.  Seriously… why are you still reading this?  Go do it.

2. Add my RSS (aka…”follow” my new blog address)

3. Look around and check out all the fun stuff!

4. Click on “Leave me some love!” at the end of this post.  Much more fun than plain old “Comment” huh?

AND… in honor of my brand spankin’ new blog… a GIVEAWAY! And what’s better than a chance to win a giveaway?  How about TWO chances to win a giveaway?  Your first chance is a freebie… just leave a comment and tell me what your favorite website is (don’t pick mine you suck-ups).  If you don’t put in a website, sorry, but your entry won’t count. Your second entry requires a little work.  You can do one of two things… 1. If you have your own website or blog… add my button (you can get the code below) or a link to my new blog.   2.  If you don’t have your own website or blog… email at least five friends (heck… I don’t care, they can be strangers) and tell them about this contest!  Your second entry depends on the honor system.  Once you have done one (or both if you REALLY want some good guy points) come back and leave a second comment telling me what you did and Wah-lah… you’re entered twice!  Oh baby I’m excited… how about you?  I guess you’d be more excited if you knew you were going to win a gift certificate to ANYWHERE YOU WANT!  Yep.  You pick the place.  Entries close Thursday night at midnight and the winner will be announced on Friday!

Grab My Button!
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website or blog):

AAANNNND…. because I am so excited about the GIGANTIC images I can post on this blog,  my very first post MUST include a photo!  I ended my old blog with my family… so I’ll start this one the same way!


My “real” website is not quite ready to share with you.  Hopefully *fingers crossed* later this week!   IT’S UP!  IT’S UP!  CHECK IT OUT!!!

Wednesday’s post…. “New Blog 101”

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  • Farming Fabulously - I am so ashamed! Kathy, I thought I already commented like 3 days ago (it must be the pregnancy, loss of mind thing I keep hearing about)? Anyhoo, you have done a marvelous job with the new look, it looks very classy. You know your BB (Blog Button) is always on my blog. A site that I also check out besides yours is http://mabelshouse.blogspot.com/, comical little lady.
    Have a Lovey Weekend.

  • Leslie L - It’s amazing, I figured out how to get your button on my blog page. Hoorah! All my friends already know about you, hoestly you have taken most of their pictures. Love the new look!

  • Lorry - Lorry 2

  • Lorry Fowler - Hey, Kathy! I love your website and enjoy looking at all the great photos you have taken. Keep up the good work. Please enter me twice becuz I have shared it with many of my friends!
    Thanks again!

  • Mackenzie Schnelle - It’s me again! I just accomplished step #2. I shared your website to 11 of my closest family and friends and told them about the contest!!! I hope they are as excited as I am! 🙂

  • Mackenzie Schnelle - Hi Kathy. I have to say I love looking at all of your pictures. I’m a college student at Missouri State University in Springfield, MO – but originally from Hannibal. I’ve seen some of your work before and I must say I am addicted to your blog. I will admit it beats doing homework. 🙂 I’ve recently gotten into photography myself and I love your work.
    Another blog that I like to look at is :
    If you go back in the archives you can find some fun pictures she’s taken of her girls.
    Thanks for keeping me inspired and updating your new look! I can’t wait for more!

  • Kris - I added your button on my blog 🙂

  • Kris - Great Blog, My friend Amy is always talking about your pictures. They are really great. My favorite website is Facebook. It is just so easy to keep up with so many people in one place.

  • Lauren Jarrett - Ok so I forgot to add the info before submit!

    My favorite website sadly is facebook.com. It allows me to keep up with all my friends that I’ve lost track of!

    #2 done. I’ve sent your link to 10 people, some of blog stalking friends!

    Keep up the spectacular work!

  • Lauren Jarrett - Love it! I enjoy checking out your blog on a regular basis and think your pics are amazing!

  • crystal - LOVE it…. very cute…

  • shari yahnke - ok, i love it! can’t quite figure it all out yet! the girls are excited to still see their pictures on the site:) i don’t think i can follow all the instructions to enter to win!

  • Heather - ok, here is my second entry, and goes right along with my first. I added your website to my facebook profile.

  • Heather - I will have to say my favorite website is facebook. Its an addiction =)

  • Stormi - Love the new blog kathy! I am getting my new website up and going. But give me time as I am slow!

  • amy stamm - Kathy: Hey I have your button on my blog but….do I need to re-do it since you have new one?? I am trying and my husband is trying and we cant get it to work?? It wont let us copy it??? HELP!! I wanna participate….. thanks AMY

  • amy stamm - hey!! AWESOME WHAT A GIVEAWAY!!!! WOOOOWWWSERSS!! Actually you are my favorite and NO I am not trying to suck up! 🙂 ha I REALLY truely enjoy it! SO since I need to do another one besides you…I’ll pick- nitty-gritty at http://www.jodyferlak.blogspot.com This gal is amazing and her strength and faith is just so unbelievable!!!
    Thanks for the chance to win- love the new blog—-
    oh-ps had the button on my blog before you said to put it on there…. 🙂 take care! Amy in INDIANA

  • YaYa - Muddled through sending all of the emails-only for you and another fun contest. The new blog is terrific, especially the supersize of the boys.

  • Emily - part #2 is now done! Did I mention that I am loving this new blog!

  • Emily - Thank God, you are back in business! My routine was lost without you! You know how I love http://www.facebook.com! Love the HUGe photos can’t wait to look around some more, but first off to email 5 friends!

  • YaYa - Gadzooks! I am such an idiot on the computer, I left my love in the my dad part lll post. Go there to find my favorite website. I think you can probably guess. Not to be a suck-up, but, my Safari homepage continues to come up as Kathy McCloy-What can I say?

  • Heather - #2 – Sent to more than 5 people…love to brag about ya!!

  • Heather - #1 ok, it wouldn’t let me copy & paste, so I’ll just say that my favorite website is facebook.com. Why? Right now (recently joined) I am finding/getting back in touch w/ a lot of classmates – and it’s a lot of fun seeing them, hearing about their lives, and their kids.

  • Heather - Oops…Left the comment at the very bottom…love the new site!!

  • Cristy Schnelle - I love looking at your pictures they are awsome! I wish I knew about you a couple of years ago when my daughter was a senior in High school
    Anyhow my favorite blogspot is http://jaggilmore.blogspot.com/
    If you read back to the beginning of this blog over a year ago
    ( I don’t know if it goes back that far) this gal went to bed feeling good and woke up the next morning paralized with some type of spinal infection. this is when she started her blog
    She has since recovered and while she was recovering she kept everyone in stiches and spirits high with through her recovery. after a little over a year she is back to work and walking again. She is one determined gal.

  • Lesli Matt - Kathy I just love your blog it is great. It adds a little more humor to my humor filled life!! Holly told me about it and now I am hooked. I would love for our paths to cross sometime so you could do a shoot of me and my family. Keep up the good work. Love the new blog. I am jealous would love to do something new to my blog but have no clue were to begin.
    Lesli Matt

  • Alison bowersock - part 2 complete! So excited for the new site, it looks great!

  • Kathy - Mom 2

  • Kathy - Tanya 2

  • Alison bowersock - http://www.bornforcreation-lissa.blogspot.com
    she is a friend of mine from beauty school and makes beautiful purses!

  • Tanya Miller - HALLELUJAH YOU ARE BACK!!! I love the new blog, so easy to find your way around. So my favorite website anymore could be about any blog. One of my favorites came from your site-http://www.afarmerslife.blogspot.com/. I have also changed the link on my site, so we are ready to keep track of the McCloy gang. Ready to spread the word about the new blog so I am sending out the email next. Glad to have you back in the blogging world.

  • Mom - My favorite site after yours is http://www.pioneerwoman.com I’m going to email your site to friends who would like their children to blog and love looking at my grandkids pictures!

  • Kathy - Christy – 2

  • Collyn - Ok….I will sadly say that my favorite website is Facebook. I’m 23, fresh out of college, first year teaching, and have a baby on the way. It is BY FAR the easiest way for me to stay in touch with family and friends. Oh how wonderful technology is!!

  • Lissa Biggs - Mission number 2 accomplished – I emailed 5 friends!

  • Christy Heying - Love the new blog! I can’t even begin to imagine how you make it all work. Pat yourself on the back girl! Ok, enter me twice. I have changed your address on my “blog list” and I really enjoy checking http://www.thebchronicles.blogspot.com

  • Kathy - Love the new website ! I try to stalk your blog everyday to see if there are any new pictures. I also hit Farming Fabulously website (used to work with Katie) to keep up with her and to try her Fabulous recipes. Great job on the new website.

  • Kathy - Aimee – 2

  • Kathy - BreeAnna 2

  • BreeAnna - 1. one of my other fave websites is http://www.kazooisms.blogspot.com/
    it is a quick stop for 2 year old humor.

    2. I have a link to your site on my blog

  • Sue-ann Westhoff - You have taken several pictures for my friends…. I love looking on your website….. my favorite site is http://www.ebates.com

  • Aimee Wise - Ok, sister, enter me twice! I have e-mailed 6 friends and my favorite websites (besides yours of course) is http://www.lukesmithinindia.blogspot.com or http://www.facebook.com. LOVE the new blog, it looks great! I can’t wait to read on and on and on!

  • Heather - Okay…Leave the name of a website. Check. E-mail 5 friends about the contest. Check. I’m entered!!!

  • Jolyn - It looks great! My favorite, other than yours, of course http://www.uamont.edu/organizations/rodeo, not really but it’s all I’ve got!

  • Heather - Okay. So I like it. I know I resisted the change, but it does look good and I can tell that you have worked very hard. I’m sure that it has been the love of your life and the bane of your existence for the last few days. So here goes my contest entry…Ahem. I really only check your website everyday but you said that yours wouldn’t count so….I’ve done some thinking about which website that I love to check and keep up with. This is the website of a family that is dear to me. This family has had to keep their 4 year old daughter in the hospital for at least 375 days since she was born. I think you will find their story amazing and their faith uplifting. http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/averygraceakeman
    So…..I’m off the e-mail my friends about this contest. Happy Wednesday!

  • kay - Mission #2 complete. Your new blog site is listed in “My favorite places on the web” on my blog. Your contests are so much fun!! I must come up with something too!

  • kay - I absolutely love the new look! It was worth the wait! Of course my favorite website is http://www.shamrockm.com Your award headquarters!!

  • Marcie Lindsey - Hey Kathy! I really enjoyed checking out the new blog this morning. It is very user friendly and very clean and crisp. You’ve done an amazing job…as usual! Your boys are beautiful. One of my fave websites of many is allrecipes.com. Have a great day!

  • Shauna - Love the new blog!! Now I just have to figure out how to do #2. Yikes! Not so good at this blogging stuff yet. 🙂

  • Sheri Sprouse - I had to check first thing this morning. YEA! Sounds like you are not having too much fun this morning. Hope Coop gets to feeling better

  • Kelli - Hi Kathy, so excited for you. Love the new blog! Can’t wait to see the new website. One of my favorite web sites is Prairie Girls Quilt Shop. http://www.e-prairiegirls.com/ Has the best western material for your quitling or sewing needs.

  • Betsy - This looks so great. you know I love pictures of your boys. That Grady is the sweetest baby ever.

  • Mary Kay - Congratulations! I like the new look, except…..it’s going to take me a while to get used to the tiny font. Your old font was so much easier for my old eyes to read. With this one, I made the page larger, but then had to scroll from side-to-side to read. My favorite website is hungry-girl.com.


  • Sahala Gaillard - My favorite website is ruelala.com. You would love it; it has designer sample sales. You have to be a member, but I think you can just put in my email address to join. It is so addicting.

  • Lissa Biggs - I love the new look! Honestly, your website might be the only one I check daily. I know that doesn’t count so I’ll include http://www.albeebaby.com. This is where we got some of out bigger baby items.

  • Kim - One of my favorite website/blogs that I check every day is
    Does that count?!:)

  • Kim - Oh I’ll leave you some love all right!
    This is awesome awesome awesome….cannot wait to see the new site.
    I love the new photo of the boys….love how Grady is squeezing Cooper’s finger. Sweet.
    Love the headers.

  • cody - It looks great Kathy — sorry I wasn’t more help yesterday.
    My current favorite website is http://notalwaysright.com — cynical stories from retail workers about the crazy/dumb/annoying things their customers do.

  • HollyLane - Oh my gosh!!! It is sooo freakin beautiful I have tears in my eyes!! Okay maybe that is just cause I am soo tired my eyes are watering, I had to wake in the middle of the night to see this…..yup can you say STALKER!! Seriously Gorgeous!! Okay favorite website ummmm sooo many……okay it is Post Secret. I think it is super interesting! http://postsecret.blogspot.com/

  • Angie - Love you babe! Thanks for sharing your whit and talents with all of us… you are a b-u-tee-ful person!

  • michele - very very very awesome kathy!! love your new new set-up!

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