with a spoon

Hello out there in blog stalker land. I have had a way busy weekend in Missouri.  I had four fun family sessions in St. Louis, Palmyra, Canton, and Wyaconda this weekend.  Otey was entered in some rodeos so we decided to divide and conquer.   Otey took Cooper, and I took Grady and babysitter extraordinaire, Justine.  I just got done uploading this weekend's sessions and I must say… yipppeee they are fun!

I'm going to be announcing an exciting little something something later this week on the blog, so make sure you check back in around Thursday for all the details!

A little shot of my yummy kid just chillin' in the hotel in between photo sessions.   He really is such a good baby and so stinkin' sweet I could just eat him with a spoon.


I am way behind on blogging sessions, so lots of photos to come this week!

  • Kim - Make that a big spoon for all of us, would ya?!

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