Winter Wonderland

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

A few shots of our winter weather…


We have six more inches of snow on top of the snow that was still here, and it hasn’t stopped yet!  Good news is it’s fluffy dry snow.  Don’t be alarmed by the photographs above… yes I did take them while driving… but that really isn’t that dangerous if you consider I’m still technically  looking at the road… and I was driving slow sense the roads were all snowy.  Here are two shots of the Dodge Rodeo office (once again… shot through my windshield)….


Cooper and I went to the office to take care of some things I’ve been doing for Otey’s boss.  Here is Otey hard at work (with a little assistance from his mini me).


That concludes todays Ottumwa tour and weather report.  Please check back tomorrow for additional updates.

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