Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Winners of contests on this blog are chosen by using the widget.  The widget is on my “have a little looksy” page if you happen to be sitting around needing to pick a random number.  Annnnddd… THE WINNER IS….

Marcie Lindsey – Hey Kathy! I really enjoyed checking out the new blog this morning. It is very user friendly and very clean and crisp. You’ve done an amazing job…as usual! Your boys are beautiful. One of my fave websites of many is Have a great day!

Whoo-hoo!!!  Email me today Marcie and let me know where you would like your gift certificate from!

Now.  Another yummy little baby.




And a little twist on my favorite “from the top of the head” shot.  Proud Papa.


And the VERY BEST thing about this photo shoot?  The chaos.  You know how I love me some chaos.  FOUR older siblings running around laughing and playing.  SO fun.  And if you happen to have a  newborn, 1yr old, 3yr old, 5yr old, and 9yr old… don’t think for one single second that I can get a shot of them all together looking semi pleasant.  This shot was a freak accident.


Tomorrow… That GOSH DARN “bag tag” that’s going around.  To those of you “tagging” me… boy are you going to be disappointed when you get a visual on how totally uncool I am.

  • dana pugh - Kathy! LOVE the new blog!!! Thanks for the shout out. You’ll have to show me how to make the little blog button. 🙂

  • Angie - You do take the “yummiest” pictures of babies! I’m hoping with future technology that you can incorporate a “scratch-n-sniff” application to your blog posts so we all can get the full “yummy” eat-them-up experience!

  • Kim - Absolute beautiful job Kathy.

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