Who you calling a Cootie Queen you Lint Licker?

Have you seen this commercial? It’s completely ridiculous and filled with 4th grade humor. Okay. Maybe 2nd grade humor, but MAN I crack up OUTLOUD every time it’s on.

You can’t imagine how much enjoyment I get out of calling Otey a Lint Licker. I’m thinking Stinky McStink Face might be a good one to use too.

I’m sorry in advance if I meet you with my 3 year old parrot and you get called a Lint Licker.

Role Model.

That’s me.

  • Aimee - I absolutely love that commercial, it’s hilarious! “Pickle you, kumquat!”

  • michele - it’s a ringtone on my phone, just brightens my day when the phone rings 🙂

  • Brooke Lowther - I laugh uncontrollably EVERY time i see this one. My hubby and I watched it 6 times over and over on the internet one night just cracking up…we’re sick…I know.

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