Whitney & Chase

I was super glad when Whitney called me and told me it was time for another session.  I shot Whitney and her family two years ago and ohhhh how her sweet Chase has grown!  We had a few drop in’s join us during the sessions too.  Whitney Mom and brother got in on a little photo love.

  • Amy Miller - We have joined the Kathy McCloy is amazing bandwagon! Thank you so much for taking such time with Kelsie and capturing her beauty from the inside out! We LOVE her senior pics and are SOOOOO excited that she does not have the same green trees and blue backdrop that everyone else does. Your patience with Kelsie’s fan club and your exceptional talent make for some very happy friends in IL. Thank you again.

    Gary, Amy, Kelsie (and I’m sure you’ve heard from the rest of the fan club too)

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