Where did that come from?

Cooper just randomly says the FUNNIEST things these days. Here are a
few recent almost 3yr old’s quotes.

Playing in the other room… totally out of the blue he runs in and
“Mommy! I’m the top of the food chain!”

While I was buckling Grady back in his car seat after I stopped to
feed him in route to Missouri…
“Hello Grady… did you enjoy your lunch?”

In the middle of the living room at the top of his lungs…

That kid is a hoot. I could seriously type at least three of these a day. That kid makes me
laugh out loud all of the time.

Here’s a couple of rants I’ve been meaning to share with you…

1. I HATE those commericals… “We owed $55,000 on our credit cards and
only had to pay $3,000!” We owed $75,000 on our credit cards and Joe
Shmo fixed it so we only had to pay $6 dollars”. If you owe someone
money… pay it.

2. If you are not handicap, don’t park in handicap spaces. If you have
handicap tags on your car and there is not a handicap person with
you… still don’t park in handicap spaces.

3. If you choose to smoke, don’t do it in the car with your baby. They
didn’t make the choice to smoke.

4. Why are there people who INSIST on being rude to the poor little 17
year old cashier at the mall? She doesn’t make the return policy… she
just follows it.

Whew… glad I got all that off my chest. I am sooo in
the Christmas spirit this year, and boy can going to the mall suck it
right out of a person!

Happy Wednesday!

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    Did you see that there’s a Typepad application for the iphone?? You can post from anywhere!!!

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