I had a doctors appointment this morning. 
It sucked.
My doctor who I LAST week thought was the BEST doctor EVER tells me that there is absolutely no signs of labor… no dilating…. no thinning… no blah blah blah… what a dummy.  I asked him if I could see his diploma because I'm pretty sure he got his medical degree at www.overnightDR.com.  Seriously though…. WHAT THE HE#*?  How can there be no progression?  How can a human body feel the things this human body is feeling and not be ready to give birth THIS VERY SECOND?  On a positive note, we did get to have an ultrasound.  Sweet baby No Name is approximately 7lb 5oz.  Big enough to deliver today… but not too big to deliver with another week of grow time.  Perfect.  The fact that he is a boy was reconfirmed, and they said everything looks perfect… perfect little heart… perfect little organs… perfect little everything.  We could see his little lips puckering up and he looked like a little baby instead of a cross between Skeletor from He-Man and ET.  It made it seem a lot more real to me.  For the first time this pregnancy I felt like I was actually going to have another baby.  I think it made it a little more real for Otey too.  Here's his cute little profile shot…

NoName 38 weeks 

Feel free to email me your labor starting suggestions.  I'm headed out to go jogging and lift some REALLY heavy stuff as we speak.  Unless something happens on it's own, my next appointment is in a week… PLEASE LORD LET MY WATER BREAK BEFORE THEN.

  • BreeAnna - okay, I did this: Take evening primrose oil pills. You can get them from Wal-mart. Just take one per day, it helps with dilation and thinning. I started it about 1-2 weeks before my due date, and wnen I went in to be enduced I was already at 5cm and 75% effaced (thinned). Cuts off some major labor time!! At that point they just gave me a little meds to get me to 6cm then they broke my water & 3 hours later (2hrs of pushing, cause it was my first) & baby was here!

  • Alysen - You’re too funny!

  • Marilyn Knutson - o.k this is the maternity nurse talking,no personal birthing. You’ll need Otey and maybe another strong person,do wide leg deep knee squats,this will widen the pelvis,and drop the baby down more,if you can stand it. This is common practice in the L&D area to really get things going.

  • Kate Shore - I didn’t try this myself, but I was told to engorge myself with Chinese food!

  • Blog Stocker # 1 - Seriously, this works. I was a week till my due date and I though my “baby no name” had to be ready to see the world. Because I didn’t think body could get any bigger or feel any more ready than mine was. A friend of mine at church told me about the 4 “H’s”. 1) HOT brisk mile walk. 2)HOT shower. 3)HOT pizza. 4) HOT sex. I did the 4 thing in this order and the next morning I lost my plug. Triston Tyler was born at 9 lb. 8 oz. & 23 in. If I had gone another week I would have had a 10 pound baby..Ouch!

  • Heather Mears - Wyatt???

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