What ever happened to Ghosts and Witches?

Friday night my Mom had a Halloween party at the house for all of our family.  I must give you a little history on this… Our family is super tight.  My Mom has two sisters, and those three girls have seven kids (that’s my generation).  We were pretty much raised like brothers and sisters.  Now we are all having kids and they don’t know the difference between their "real"  Aunts and Uncles and their parents cousins.  I guess that is an easy thing to have happen if you’re raised in an extended family that has a big get together every time someone farts.  Anyway… Here is a fun picture of my nieces and nephews.  My Cooper is the little lion.  My brother’s sons (Evan & Alex) are the Storm Trooper and Gladiator, and my cousin’s girls (Lenzi & Lexi) are the doctor and the Harley chick.


My dog Louie of course could not be left out of the festivities. Here he is… dressed up like a girl.


And last but not least… let’s not forget that Friday was the big day that the CARDINALS WON THE WORLD SERIES… I don’t know what it is about the words THE CARDINALS WON, but they always seem to need to be red.  Here is Cooper during the game with his serious game face and THE lucky Pj’s on.


There is a new folder with more Halloween Snap Shots on the right side of this page, or just click here… http://kathymccloy.typepad.com/photos/halloween_snapshots/index.html

  • munKy - Impressive costumes!

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