EDITED  ***after many emails and comments… the masses have spoken… back to skinny***

So what do you think of the new LARGE format?  That’s right folks… click that little square and maximize me!  I need some truthful feedback… so you like it widescreen?  Or do you long for the days of Kathy’s skinny blog?  You tell me.  Majority wins.  One thing about the wide screen, it will allow for more fun pictures like this…


Those are four of Cooper’s cousins in the above picture.  I’ll give you one chance to guess which one acted just like Cooper when they were a baby.  Yep.  That little goober (bottom right).  The one who’s picture isn’t in focus because he can’t hold still for 1/25 of a second.  Lord help me. 

Can you believe that my sweet baby boy is exactly 1 1/2 today?  Ahhhh!!!! Where does the time go?

If you are an every-now-and-then blog checker, be sure and come back on Friday.  There’s a party going on and you’re invited.

  • Heather - I like this…can you do mine, too?!?!?

  • Shannon - I can see them all, but probably because I’m at work and using a better computer than I have at home. I’ll have to check there!

  • Andy - I can see them all. But it does not matter to me which format you use. As you can see, most people do not run their monitors at that high of a level.

  • Mom - Now I only get 2 kids pix. the boys are gone!

  • Angie Reusser - I can’t see all of your blog on this format. – Angie

  • Terri Woolsey - I can’t see all four pictures in this format. It’s not that I don’t like change, but I preferred the other format.

    Your friend forever,

  • Stormi - Can’t get full screen either. I am missing Evan’s picture.

  • Mom - I can’t get it all on the screen.

  • Jan - Same problem here,can’t get a full screen. Any suggestions?

  • Laura - I like the other format better, this one doess’t fit on my screen! This one is great if it could fit on the screen. I love the new banner!!

  • Georgia McCloy - I don’t know witch I like better because I’m not smart enough to know what box to click on. I’m only getting a half screen. Aen’t you glad you have our gene pool to work with. Still enjoy the blog

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