Cooper has officially been diagnosed. Deep down in my heart I knew that it was coming. I have seen small signs of it…. Cooper has…. WBRDD. Better known as White Boy Rhythm Deficiency Disorder. Here lately he has really started rocking out and dancing along with the TV or with me if I say "shake your booty". Let’s just say obviously Otey is carrying the dominant gene for WBRDD, and now Cooper is a card carrying victim.

I almost ran over a bear yesterday… yes, you read that right… a big bear just strolled across the road in front of me. My first thought was "OH NO! I’m going to have to call Otey’s boss and tell him I hit a bear in Otey’s company truck"… my second thought was "OH YES! I hope he doesn’t get to roughed up… I’d really like a bear skin rug." A little twisted… but at least I’m honest 🙂

I went to Louisiana for another blood test yesterday. Estradial (sp?) is still climbing. Not good. My fertility clinic called yesterday afternoon when they got the results and said they think it’s best if we stop this cycle. Soooo… scrapped again. I’m not sure what we’re going to do. I’ve been on some sort of pill or shot for months now… I think me and my hormones need a break. Also, I’m not sure I’m ready for a fourth month of disappointment. Maybe in the Spring. We’re going to take a few days and figure it out. Thanks for all your words of encouragement and prayers. God has a plan… I just wish he’d email me with it!

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  • Heather - Lexi is coming out of her lack of rhythm, so don’t get discouraged! Lenzi…she has moves adults don’t! ha ha

  • Andy - WBRDD

    I think it also comes from your side as well.
    I just hope that I did not pass it on the Alex & Evan!

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