Update 2

Still waiting. No pain (I *heart* my epidural) but I AM SO HUNGRY and they won’t let me eat. Big Mama needs a burger! 4cm.

  • Heather Mears - I have never been more obsessed with your blog as I am tonight!

  • Mandi - Seriously…I can’t blog but every other month and you are blogging during labor! I’m sure I’ll be checking the blog every hour or so too…I’m dying to know his name!! Good luck!!

  • Amber - Push him out, push him out, waaaay out! LOL

  • Kim - This is so darn exciting! I haven’t stayed up this late in a long time!!!!!! Hurry up and push that baby out so I can go to bed:)

  • Erica - Papa John’s goes great with newborns! You should just have Otey order it when they say you can push! I bet it’ll be perfect timing! Bucky says, “Good night, good luck…” He knows I ‘ll be checking the blog like every hour so he went to bed with the kids. I’m diggin’ the “live blog” thing too but I didn’t expect any less! Good Luck! 🙂

  • Alexandra Frankel - WOW… are you going to be blogging during birthing?? Put that thing down and push that baby out already!!!

  • Matt - This is the most hard core live-blogging I’ve ever seen.

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