If you draw out a sort of family tree style chart from all my clients around the Marshall, Missouri area, the majority of them all trace back through many steps to one person, my friend (and super duper hair stylist) Erica.   So it is just natural that she likes to know who I'm shooting and how it went.  Well, I had a fun family session a couple of weeks ago and when I called her to tell her how great it went this is the transcript from our conversation…

Erica: "Hey what are you doin?"

Me:  "I just got done shooting a really fun family, one of your clients."

Erica:  "Who was it?"

Me:  "An UNBELIEVABLY beautiful Mom, I mean like smokin' hot with an absolutely beautiful family." 

Erica:  "Cathy Sullivan."

Then we both had a really big laugh because she could guess who it was out of her bazillion clients just by my one sentence description. Let me just go ahead and show you these photos so you can see why Cathy was the first hot mama to pop into Erica's mind…








  • Amber Wiseman - Kathy…I always love reading your blog and seeing you photos. You inspire me to be a better photog. I think that these shots are great and Daddy Sullivan is pretty smokin’ hot himself! 🙂 Keep up the terrific work!

  • Nicole - If that is Luke and Lacy (which i’m pretty sure it is) I babysit them!

  • Kim - Oh yeah smoking hot alright!
    The whole family’s gorgeous.

  • codymc - oh man — I LOVE that truck. You should get it towed to Iowa so you can use it as a prop all the time. It can be the new glider. I’m sure Otey won’t mind 🙂

  • Crystal - Holy Cow!!! Those are awesome! She is smokin hot!
    They were also great parents to their son’s 3rd grade teacher!!!!! 🙂

    I LOVE these!!! Cathy Sullivan! Give me your password… I want to see all of them!

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