Cooper is having so much fun with my parents here.  The first thing he says when I go in to get him out of the bed in the morning is… “See Pocket (Grandpa) See Dirt”.  We open up the roman shades on his windows and  check out the septic system progress and watch my Dad run the excavator or the BobCat for a few minutes and then he takes off down the hall to make sure Grandma is still here.  He’s going to be heartbroken when he realizes this stay is temporary and they don’t just live with us now… all though that would be okay with me if they moved in.  One thing is for sure, we’d sure get some stuff done around here!  My Mom keeps me motivated (even in my current beached whale state) and cooks and cleans and helps with Cooper.  It’s like a mini vacation having her here.  And my Dad… he’s the kind of guy who knows how to do everything, and if he doesn’t know how to do it… he figures it out.  He and Otey have worked their tails off all weekend.  I made a point of saying if we ever built a new house, Otey would know how to put the septic system in.  Otey made a point of telling me he’d rather we poop in a hole outside then put another septic system in.

Here’s Cooper checking out a HUGE toad that my Dad caught.  Don’t worry… no toads were injured during the making of this photo… one Grandpa was peed on though.


Sidenote… I shaved my legs and fixed my hair before bed tonight.  Optimistic… I know.

  • Nicole - What are you going to do when you have baby no name? Ask for a computer immediatly? Right now you are the highlight of my life.

  • codymc - Ok here’s the really important question — do you have someone blog trained to post when they rush you off? I mean clearly that should be a concern — you can’t leave all us blog stalkers hanging.

  • Kim - Whew….for a second there, I thought baby no name was named Toad!!!!!
    I hope that doing your hair and shaving your legs worked…..sending baby vibes down to you:)

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