If you’re over 40 or so… that stands for Too much Information.
I wonder… do I give you a little TMI on this blog? When I first started blogging (pushing two years ago) only friends and family checked in to see where our family was and what Cooper was up to. I have slowly converted this blog in to a business tool that seems to very often bridge the gap between my personal life, and Kathy McCloy Photography. I often wonder if potential clients are turned off by my stories of poopy diapers and what my kid ate for diner (those two are often related) but then I get to a session with a brand new client and the Mom talks to me like we are old friends because she reads my blog everyday. It still amazes me that people come back again and again to read what ever blabber I spew out the night before. It surprises me when complete strangers know my kid’s name (and that baby #2 doesn’t have one yet). I have contemplated having two separate blogs… one for personal stories and one for sneak peaks and photography related posts, but somehow that doesn’t seem like it would show clients what you really get when you hire me. A self proclaimed dork… a booger wiper, a biscuit burner, a loud talker, a want-to-be stand up comic…. just somebody’s Mom who happens to show up at your house with a way too expensive bag of camera gear. Moral of this story… if there is TMI on this blog for you I’m probably not the photographer you need to hire anyway. Because what you see on this blog is the unedited me… the same me that shows up on your doorstep.

Sidenote: I JUST finished loading all of the wedding images from this weekend. Here are two that jumped off the screen at me and yelled “pick me first!”. So… a tiny itty-bitty sneak peek of what’s to come…



  • Kayla (sister) - Hey Kathy, Sassy here… so I have become obsessed with your website and I can’t wait to see more of Emily and Dusty’s wedding! Oh, and some of me, of course! Viva Mexico!

  • Emily - Don’t even think about changing this blog, you make me look forward to being a mom and I love your stories. Not to mention that I LOVE my picture!!!

  • Jolyn - I don’t think you should change your blog. I enjoy your everyday, crazy as it may be, life, but I really enjoy looking at the photographs you take. The ones from the wedding are great!!

  • Dana Pugh - Hey Kathy–I know what you mean! Sometimes I am surprised when they don’t know my kids names 😉 I agree that it makes most people feel more at ease and makes the shoot go sooooo much better. Can’t wait to see more of your wedding.

  • Sharon Turner - DO NOT ever think of changing your blog! I honestly feel like a stalker checking your site numerous times a day to see what the next fun posting will be. You are exactly right–when we showed up on your doorstep to have you take our family pictures I felt like we were old friends. It just makes the photo session with you sooooo much more relaxed!

  • mom - Kathy, the picture brought a rush of emotion. It is so beautiful. You make us proud with your wonderful photos. Grandpa would have loved them. love, mom

  • mom - Kathy, the picture brought a rush of emotion. It is so beautiful. You make us proud with your wonderful photos. Grandpa would have loved them. love, mom

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