I’m not sure why I didn’t blog yesterday… I was CRAZY busy and finally got in to bed about 3:00am.  As I laid my head down on the pillow I realized I hadn’t blogged.  At that point it was a done deal.  You couldn’t have peeled me out of bed for a million bucks.  I think I was probably shoring before I even completed the thought.  We are now in Marshall, Missouri for the first college rodeo of the 07-08 season.  College rodeos are a lot more work then the pro-rodeos I do all summer.  It’s been a little harder getting back into the swing of things.  I’m having trouble balancing my time.  All of the "pre-rodeo" work and phone calls, editing sessions, printing orders, shipping orders, cleaners, loads of doctors appointments, work for Dodge Rodeo, trying to keep our house spotless for house shoppers, packing, unpacking, grocery shopping, cleaners, baths, playtime, laundry… ahhhhhh!!!!  Before I had Cooper I seriously was a 12hour a night sleeper.  These days it’s more like five.  Hopefully we will get the house sold soon.  That will take off loads of stress and free up a little time.  We are in Marshall until Sunday morning, Ottumwa Monday – Wednesday, and then Otey goes to Omaha, and I go to Magnolia, Arkansas. 

Here is my all time favorite series of pictures of Otey and Cooper.  There are about ten really fun ones from that day.  We were here in Marshall exactly one year ago at the same rodeo we’re at right now.



Photo Contest #2 Send me a picture of something that you can not live with out… the kicker… it can not be something that’s alive… pets and people are out. Time to dig down deep and search your shallow side… what’s you addiction… indulgence… or selfish pleasure? Now, once you figure out what it is… figure out a cool way to portray it in a photo and send it to me! *One entry per person. * Entries must be received via email by Friday, September 21st @ midnight. *The winner will receive a gift certificate to the restaurant or online store of their choice!

  • Mom - Wanted to enter a photo in this one but couldn’t figure out how to bury myself in a pile of books and still take the photo. I know between your Dad nad I we have enough to cover me up! Love you all.

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