tiny tiny tiny

So in my last post I introduced you to the biggest newborn I’ve ever shot… now to one of the smallest.

Megan decided to make her big entrance in to this world a little early, so with some schedule shuffling, I managed to buzz through Marshall, Missouri on Sunday afternoon and meet up with Megan, her Mama, and her three older brothers just days after she was released from the hospital.

Such a tiny little toot. She was about half the size of her newborn clothes… (not that I ever leave their clothes on very long anyway)

We shot the session in their BEAUTIFUL old farm house.  Grand rooms… giant windows… original wood floors and wood work… it was just GORGEOUS.  The only thing I could have asked for was a warmer day so we could have ventured outside to take advantage of the porches.

Rachel had no intentions of being in any of the photographs but I managed to talk her into this next shot.  I just love that mother/baby connection.  I can’t imagine shooting a newborn session and not including the woman responsible for the miracle.  This rocking chair and cubby shelf cabinet is on the landing at the top of their staircase.  LOVED. IT.

Megan’s big brothers were so well behaved.  At one point Rachel actually said “John, go find your brother please.”


In my house we NEVER loose kids… all you have to do is stop and listen because they are sure to be yelling at the top of their lungs somewhere.  Her boys were so nice to each other and so well behaved I can totally see where one might go missing in their big house!

And in sticking with my “bed” theme I’ve had going lately… my favorite of the day.

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