Oh what a day!  This morning started out as a normal day… Pancakes for breakfast… Dad off to work… Cooper and I ready for a morning at the house.  At about 9:30, all normalcy ended.  Cooper and I were both in my King sized bed.  Sometimes we lay down on the bed and I read him a book before he gets in his own bed for his mid-morning nap.  Today I was laying on one side of the bed, and Cooper was sitting like a little Indian square in the middle of the bed.  In about a quarter of a second, Cooper was hitting the floor face first.  The little maniac dove straight over my belly and before I could catch a foot… THUD!  I jumped out of bed and scooped him up and there was blood pouring out of his little mouth.  He couldn’t get calmed down, and there was so much blood and spit that I couldn’t see how bad it was.  I stripped him off and put him in the bathtub.  He usually likes to stick his face in the water and splash around a lot, so I thought he might get his mouth clean enough for me to evaluate the damage.  He did just as I had hoped and I was able to see there was a cut on his gum and his little front tooth looked funny.  I called Otey and he made the six minute drive home to give me his professional opinion.  After he looked at it, he was sure that Cooper would live and there wasn’t any need to go to the emergency room.  Otey headed back to work and I held Cooper until he decided it was nap time.  After I put him down, I decided I needed a second opinion.  Not that I don’t think that Dodge Rodeo employees are qualified to make medical diagnosis’s, I just needed to hear it from some one with a DR in front of their name.  Cooper and I headed to see Dr.Evans DDS (he’s the only pediatric dentist in Ottumwa) and he confirmed DR. Otey’s (that DR stands for Dodge Rodeo… not Doctor) original diagnosis… Cooper was going to make it.  Our new friend the Dentist wants Cooper to come back for a check up in a month, but he thought all of his teeth still felt tight and he thought there hadn’t been any permanent damage done.  Moral of this story… Cooper is fine and he had his first Dentist visit today and I was so stressed I didn’t even photograph it!  Here is a shot from later this afternoon.  It got up to 59* here today!  I started out to shot Cooper’s official 1yr portraits and ended up with dead camera batteries about 10 shots in to it.  I guess it’s like the old story of the cobbler’s kids with holes in their shoes.  I’m going to have to take him to the JCPenney’s Portrait Studio!


  • Grandma/ Mom - Boy, do I miss you guys. Give Cooper a squeeze for me. You and Otey can squeeze each other from me. love mom

  • Stormi - Cooper is SO going to hate you when he gets old enough to have a girl friend! I can just see the naked butt pictures coming out! Glad to hear he is okay after his fall!

  • Heather - You always make me laugh. Can’t say it enough – I love ya! Cooper and Otey, too!!!!

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