The Hood

I really like the neighborhood that we live in.  It’s going to be hard to move to the new house.  I know that sounds crazy… it’s much bigger, much nicer, and Otey will be able to keep his horses there… but the only people I know in Ottumwa (besides Otey’s co-workers who all live 20+ miles away) live on my street.  I love going for walks with the wagon to the grocery store and waving at all our nice neighbors.  Who knows… I may end up loving living in the country, but sometimes I think I really am a "town" girl at heart.  My sweet husband says if I don’t like it in a year, we can just move back to town, but I’m not so sure he’s serious… I’m just focusing on the fact that I could end up LOVING it and not missing the old hood at all!  Anyway… here are some moments from today of Cooper and the way cute kids next door.

This happy baby LOVES the water!


We spent half the day playing in the swimming pool and with the hose… the hose is his favorite.


The little toot has figured out that when he sticks his finger down it, it sprays everywhere.  Everywhere meaning on his Mom making her squeal which he REALLY enjoys.


When our neighbors got home from work, they brought out the sprinkler and Cooper decided their yard looked like more fun than ours.  How cute is Jake in his little swimmer diaper? 



Maybe we just need to get a pool at our new house so all of our current neighbors will come and visit!

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