the BIG move #1

It was moving day #1 at the McCloy’s today.  Some of the moving crew was pretty pumped about finally moving into the new house…




On the other hand, the sane portion of the moving crew was not so pumped…


If I had shot a self portrait of myself today, it would have looked very similar to the above photo of my Mom.  The only difference would be I have more wrinkles then she does and she is over twice my age!  Cooper was really into moving day #1.  I don’t think he’s quite sure why the house is half empty, but he sure likes all the in and out and the doors standing wide open.  Here he is "helping" (please ignore the bed head, he had just got up from his nap).


All in all, a pretty productive moving day #1.  THANK YOU LORD that my Mom is here helping!  We just put her in charge and let her boss us around.  It sure makes the moving process a lot smoother, not to mention a TON more organized then if we were running the show.  One last thing, I can’t mention moving without telling you about Louie.  He has a major fear of being left.  He has traveled with me for over ten years and he knows the routine.  When I start making multiple trips to the car, he goes crazy.  He stands at the door and cries when I go outside and when I come back in he won’t get more then six inches away from me.  To say he was a little freaked out today might be the understatement of the century.  I felt so bad for him, I even took him with us to the new house to unload.  I was afraid he might commit puppy suicide if I left him home alone for an hour!  He’s not allowed to go out the door without some one calling him out.  Here he is with his little toes right on the line…


Tonight will be our last night to sleep at 2535 Meadowdale.  Sad.  We are moving all the big stuff tomorrow.  Check back to see if Otey is still grinning after that!


  • Cody - Those pix make me smile 🙂

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