the BACHELOR?!???!!!

First off, I’d like to start this post out by saying this is an all time low for me and here’s why…

  1. I watched the two hour conclusion of the Bachelor.
  2. I just admitted I watched the two hour conclusion of the Bachelor.
  3. I looked forward to watching the two hour conclusion fo the Bachelor ALL DAY LONG.
  4. I just admitted that I looked forward to watching the two hour conclusion of the Bachelor ALL DAY LONG.
  5. I twittered about the Bachelor while watching the Bachelor.
  6. I NOW am BLOGGING about the Bachelor.

I’m a Looser.

Anyway, I do this all of the time.  I could care less about what ever reality show happens to be on and then about four shows before the season finale I accidentally catch half an episode and than I’m emotionally invested.  I fall in love with one bachelorette, one survivor, one idol, one looser, one SOMEONE and the next thing you know I’m setting up my life around those last four episodes.  This leads us to the Bachelor… Jason…

Jason had his 25 girls narrowed down to two.  Molly and Melissa.  Molly… my pick from the very beginning (okay… not the VERY beginning… but MY beginning… four episodes back).  Of course, Jason dumped Molly and then did the dance of joy with Melissa as they proclaimed their love for all to see and got engaged on National TV.

Okay Jason.  I forgive you.  If you love Melissa, I’m okay with that… Molly and I can move on.

SERIOUSLY like eight minutes later in TV time (or three months in real life) he was sitting on the couch breaking off the engagement from Melissa and asking Molly for a second chance.  What?


And the kicker…. Minutes after Melissa gave him back the GORGEOUS engagement ring, he was KISSING MOLLY ON NATIONAL TELEVISION?


Really not that nice.  Okay… follow your heart… blah blah blah.  I’m glad he isn’t with someone he doesn’t love… but GEESH be nice and wait a few days before you’re making out with someone else.


Okay… I think I feel better now.

They say talking about these things helps you heal.

Some of us require additional therapy…



I think that did it.

Sidenote… Molly really was my first pick.  I hope she and that little stinker Jason end up very happy together.

And I hope Melissa marries a millionaire… and acquires the super hero ability to eat a dozen Krispy Kremes a day and never gain a pound.

  • Emily - I guess we can be losers together! Thank you for sharing my thoughts I was afraid I was the only one!

  • Jennifer - This post really helped me to get out some of my own frustration! This is the first season I have watched the bachelor and I am totally disgusted with him and the show! Thanks for the great blog!

  • dana pugh - okay, I am LMAO. I really like Jill. I really liked JASON…but now, I will never watch another bachelor–until next season a few shows in.


  • amy stamm - ps love the pic! 🙂

  • amy stamm - first of all- thank you for the post!!! AMEN!! WHAT the HAY was up with that??? I actually had Melissa picked from about 5 or 6 shows ago-I do however eat-drink and breathe BACHELOR !!! I to could not wait for last nights show—-OH I AM SOOO MAD!!!!! Glad I have friends that feel the same way!!! GO MELISSA!! Stay tuned for tonite- part 2 of Bachelor after final rose! NOW whats up???

  • nicole - I think it all started when he rejected Molly and she said,”I think you’re making a huge mistake. She’s not right for you. It won’t last.” That was just to make him think it wouldn’t last and make himn think he made the wrong choice. I also think half the reason he likes her is because ‘he gets caught in her eyes’. I really think Melissa was the better choice on this one.

  • Erica - OH MY GOSH! I can not believe we have not discussed this untill now. I love Melissa! (And I liked her dress better) And I let Averi watch and she cried…but you already knew that I’m a “supermom”!

  • Heather Mears - I am right there with you!!!!!!!! I was screaming in my head (because Olivia was sleeping) when he bounced from one gal to the next. And guess what??? Part II is on tonight! So get ready…maybe tonight he will break off his engagement with Molly and ask Deona for a second chance! This dude needs to get a grip!

  • Alison bowersock - this is the funniest thing I’ve read today. Were you on my living room last night and I didn’t see you? I did the exact same thing, except travis was voluntarily watching it with me! Too funny!

  • Collyn - LOL!!! I couldn’t even keep quiet long enough last night to even listen to the excuses he was making!

  • Tanya - I am so thankful for this wonderful post. I to got attached to the Bachelor a couple of weeks ago. I get so involved in the shows that I start thinking I know what is best for this total stranger. I couldn’t figure this boy out from the start, as I heard he was engaged before the show even started. Oh, the problems they have in Hollywood! I was not able to watch the show, as I had to go take pictures for the newspaper. So I appreciate your recap. Have a blessed day!

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