This past Saturday marks my “real” webpage’s 1 year anniversary! If you haven’t been there in awhile, you should check it out. I’ve made lots of changes and there are several more in the works. You’ll be noticing little tweaks here and there on the blog (I’m sure you’ve already noticed the big color changes) and on I’m super excited about starting a new year of shooting. My 2008 sessions are filling up at a steady pace and I am chomping at the bit for great spring weather to make it’s first appearance. Thanks to all of you who believed in me my first year of shooting professionally. I had terrific clients in 2007 and I’m hoping just to add to the list in 2008!

Please excuse the cruddy snap-shots to follow.

On a totally random note (for those of you new to my blog there are lots of those)… We had corn on the cob for dinner the other night. Here is a little piece of the conversation for you…

Me: Do you think Cooper can eat this corn off of the cob?
Otey: I doubt it, you might have to just cut it off for him.
Me: I’ll let him try it, if he can’t eat it, I’ll cut it off.

Cooper at about 6:00pm. …………and………… Cooper at about 6:04pm…

1553e 1556e

By the time we were done eating the cob was completely empty and and he was licking it. I think he liked it.

  • sahala - Must run in the family. Sage love corn on the cob. She eat 2-3 everyday when we have it fresh in the summer. So cute.

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