Thanks Shannon!

Just call me Susie… Susie Homemaker that is.  I spent yesterday evening making home made frosting for Otey’s B-day cake, and this morning making yummy dark chocolate cupcakes.  We’re having a little birthday party for Otey at his office this afternoon since we’ll be in Florida on his birthday.  I called Shannon (my hopefully some day cousin-in-law… hint, hint, Neil) who is an unbelievable cakebaker/decorator.  She gave me a recipe and I did it!  Here is her cake from Thanksgiving…


Here is Otey’s B-day cake for this afternoon…


Yes… my cake has no chocolate covered strawberries and the icing is pretty messy… but if it tastes half as good as Shannon’s cakes do, I’ll be wife of the year! 

  • Matt - And by the way, the banner at the top of your page with Cooper eyeing the tarmac is perfect. The photo is great. The script for you name is cool. And the placement of the “our everyday normal life” along the line of that shadow is clever.

  • Matt - Kathy, how do you process your photos? Do you do it digitally in Photoshop or the like? You’re always doing great things with the color and tint.

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