OH my gosh do we have soooo much to be thankful for. I could start listing things and I would still be typing next week. Here are some obvious… and some obscure… would you expect anything less from me?

1. My salvation… forgiveness when I fall short, which is all too often
2. My best husband in the whole wide universe… OTEY
3. Cooper, and the technology of invetro that allowed us to have him
5. My Mom & Dad. Their love, support, advice, and help
6. My brother, my extended family, and Otey’s family
7. All of my friends… I’m so blessed to have too many to list
8. When Otey gets up with Cooper and lets me sleep in
9. Disposable diapers
10. LONG. HOT. SHOWERS… without Cooper
11. Awesome clients who care enough to refer me to others
13. My camera and all of the pictures I have of Cooper so far
12. Louie Dog
13. Kitchen Scissors
14. My bright red kitchenaid mixer & my bright red washer and dryer
15. Disney World
16. Not having to have a 9-5 job
17. Front row parking spaces
18. 70* sunny days
19. Chocolate icecream with mini marshmallows and peanuts
20. Laugher in my life… every single day

This is a good idea. From now on, I’m going to put something I’m thankful for in every single blog post. Feel free to add yours to the comments. Happy Turkey Day (even though we ate steak)!

  • Heather - my husband, my girls, my brothers and sister, my cousins who are like siblings, my aunts & uncle who are like additional parents, and my cousin’s boys who are my “nephews”, keith’s family, and the newest one of all…another miracle of God -Wyatt (who is an invitro baby also!)

  • Mom - Our wonderful daughter & son in law. Our wonderful son & daughter in law. And it goes wiht out saying THREE GREAT,WONDERFUL GRANDSONS !!!

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