Terre Haute – Last Minute Deal

I just sent an email out to my Hautian email list.  Here’s the cliff notes version…

Although I am not “technically” off of maternity leave yet, I have decided to plan a last minute trip to Terre Haute the weekend of August 1st-3rd (next weekend).  I will be taking a limited number of sessions while I’m in town, so if you have a flexible schedule and are interested in booking, email me ASAP!  You will notice on my website that my prices are changing effective August 1st.  For any fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants clients that can make this weekend work, you will be the last lucky few to receive my old (bargain basement) pricing even though your session will be after the August 1st cut off!  Yippee!

Sidenote… Grady’s cord fell off this morning.  I’m like the only Mom in America who would be sad about an umbilical cord nub falling off.  First it’s the cord… next thing you know he’s catching the bus to kindergarten… kissing girls… and moving out.

  • Leah Robinson - I just sent you an email asking some questions 🙂 Love your photography!

  • Erica - NO YOUR NOT! I cried when Will’s fell off! Gross I know, but I think there’s something about those second baby hormones!

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