Table for five please

There is nothing I enjoy more than getting the opportunity to shoot a family multiple times.  I love watching their children grow, and catching up like old friends.  I also love clients that welcome me in to their REAL home.  Moms who don’t care if I see their kids eating fruit snacks they spilled on the floor, and kids running around laughing and loving like I’m not even there.  Bridgette and Andy’s home is just that.  Filled with familiar photos on the walls (I’ve taken most of them) and tiny familiar faces (just a year older).  Two and a half years ago when I first met their family they had just had their second baby.  Since then, I’ve shot another family session, and both of Bridgette’s sisters weddings (Meredith & Richelle).  This time around I made the trip to meet baby number three.

Bridgette and Andy…  Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to share a few more hours with your family.

  • Sharon T. - I absolutely love the baby in the bucket photos. What a beautiful family!

  • Brandi Ward - I love your pictures. You get great shots.

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