Sweet Revenge

Last post for awhile without pics… I promise.  Had a Dr’s appointment this morning.  Mystery black blob looking fine.  Follicles are growing (that’s where the eggs live).  Estradial (sp?) level a little too high to add second injections.  I have to go and find a lab here in Arkansas and have my blood tested again on Wednesday morning.  So far, so good.

Otey, Cooper, and I are all in Crossett, Arkansas until Sunday.  Otey is working for Dodge, I am timing, and if I were a betting woman… I would say Cooper is being naughty.  That’s the story of our lives right now.  The other day (in the middle of one of his ever more frequent fits) I told him he wasn’t helping his case on getting a little brother or a sister.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to pay big bucks for another screaming kid.  He is still just as sweet as always, just getting bigger and bigger opinions.  My Dad delivered all of our stuff that was still in Indiana to Iowa on Sunday.  For some odd reason, I think he secretly enjoyed Cooper’s meltdown in the Mexican Restaurant.  Maybe he’s smelling sweet revenge for having to put up with me for all these years!

  • Heather - Word to the wise…you will have one calm child and one wild child. Atleast that’s how it is for those of us w/ 2. ha ha

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