Sweeeeet Car-o-line….

…Ba! Ba! Ba! Are you singing? If not start over. Remember THIS sweet baby from her 6 month shoot in June? Well, she is quite the big girl now. Almost 1! Her Mom emailed me at the beginning of the month when she saw on my calendar that I was going to be in Murray, Kentucky. They live about twenty minutes south of Murray in Tennessee and it was perfect timing for a family session. So here’s Caroline, oh… and her parents, Katie and Chip…






Katie is going to kill me for this… but this is probably my favorite image from the entire afternoon. It’s fun to catch an accident, and that’s exactly what this was. Minnie the dog is a big part of Caroline’s life, and one of her BFF’s… so when she came trotting down the road (that I was sitting in) I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. And what do you know? A favorite is born…


Incase you missed it on Caroline’s six month blog post, she has a VERY funny blog that she keeps up almost daily. It’s really quite odd how a not even one year old has the exact sarcastic humor of her mother already. If you want to check it out, just click on “Caroline’s Blog” in my OTHER LINKS & BLOGS list over there—->

  • Laura - I agree…dress up the kids while they will still let you. Lance is not all about letting me dress him anymore, he is all about his own style!! COLTS, Motorcycles, you know… boy’s stuff nothing cute anymore!!!
    Great pic of Kenworthy’s, Caroline is So Cute!!

  • Katie - I won’t kill you- it is one of our favorites too! Minnie was the boss until Caroline got here, they are still jockeying for position.

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