Sweaty Pits

I’m a lazy blogger… not just a lazy blogger… a REALLY LAZY BLOGGER. I haven’t really shot any photos of my own this week, so I haven’t been very motivated to post. Here are just a few quick snapshots of Cooper relaxing in our comfy bed…


Otey had his first break in a week this afternoon and we got to spend a few hours together as a family. We took Cooper to see a HUGE aquarium and he loved it. He made friends with the mermaid and the scuba diver in the aquarium. Social butterfly that kid. Everyone keeps asking us if we are done after two kids… my answer… if the new baby is as busy as Cooper, we are for sure done! I have seven more months before baby #2 gets here, and I’m already getting sweaty pits thinking about taking care of a newborn and wild man Cooper at the same time. yikes.

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