Cooper and I are still in Indianapolis.  I took entries for my last college rodeo of the semester last night and was up until almost 4am eastern.  We had to have my car at the Chrysler dealership at 8am.  One new tire valve with built in sensor that talks to the car… $74.  I would have just got one that didn’t talk, but if you use a tire with out the sensor, your car just continually tells you "1 tire – low pressure".  My mom and I hit the mall on the way home tonight and I just finished up a tiny bit of work.  I need to stay up late tonight and work on photos from the weekend but my eyelids weigh about 100lbs each.  I have TONS of paperwork to do tomorrow before I leave for Murray.  I’m off to bed.  Here is a couple of shots of my good friend Mika and her fiancee Troy.  She should have been a supermodel…



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