Super Speedy Post

This is going to be quick. I’m working (obviously I’m not working… I’m blogging… but I’m supposed to be working) at a rodeo in Meridian, Mississippi. Otey and Cooper are sleeping at the motel room and we’re about half way through the performance. We left Ottumwa last night at 6:00pm and got here at 8:30am. Talk about a yucky trip. We just aren’t as good at the all night drives as we used to be. At 1:30am we were stopped somewhere in southern Missouri and Cooper decided to get up, eat some grapes, squish some crackers, scream, laugh, and giggle… now that’s good parenting. He usually sleeps good when we travel at night, but not this time. Poor Otey’s paying for it today. Cooper has been a little grumpy. That’s why he decided to skip the rodeo tonight.

AND… because a post without a picture is just too boring…


This is shot from my living room down the "hall of many doors".  Five doors seem like 200 doors when you’re painting woodwork.  These are the first holes I put in my freshly painted walls.  If you don’t remember… this hall was a nice shade of powder blue and had about 50 nail holes in it I patched and sanded.  The two bedrooms at the end of this hall (ours and the "grandparents bedroom") are both painted the same Sherman Williams "relaxed khaki".  Kind of tame for me, but perfect for the rich saps (wishful thinking) that are going to buy my house in a couple of years!  You can’t see the prints very good, but they are the black and white square photos of Cooper from a few posts back.  They’re my new favorites.  Back to work.

  • The Hicks - Your hall way looks great! And your pics of cooper are GREAT also!
    Lloyd’s mom would like a photo of the family so she can see you and Otey and cooper. I will print it out for her so she can put it on her TV. Hope you all are doing great give cooper a big hug from the Hicks group. Thanks

  • Heather - I like the color, too! Just a reminder – would like some pics of Cooper that I can print to hang up w/ my black & whites.

  • Shannon - Your hall of many doors looks great! I love that color. It makes me want to paint our house.

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