Super Duper Giant Cooper Post

Getting back to my roots on the this post…  this blog started out as a fun way to let all of our friends and families keep up with Cooper and our crazy life.  I noticed last night when I was posting the picture of Cooper in his crib, that it had been a long time since he had his very own post without any business talk… so here it is… the super duper, gigantic, picture-pallosa, Cooper post!

It has been in the high nineties here for what seems like FOREVER.  This morning it was really hot again, but it started to rain.  Not a hard rain… but harder than a sprinkle.  We have big double doors in our living room that open out to the front porch, so I just opened them up, put some rain boots on Cooper (mostly because I knew I was going to take his picture… not because I wanted his feet to stay dry) and turned the wild man loose.  He LOVES the water, and he LOVES being outside… so what could be better?  The pictures are in order of time taken.  Check out that cheese ball grin in the first few shots… he LOVED it!  He kept looking back over his shoulder as if to say "are you sure I’m not going to get in trouble?"  Notice he first sheds his hat… then I took off his soaking wet shirt… before it was all over with, he was in just a diaper and shorts.


We ended the morning with a hot bath, a big lunch, and a nap.  Boy… he has it rough, huh?

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