I’m having trouble blogging tonight. What’s a girl to do? Skip a day blogging… or blog about having nothing to blog about? I actually have a LOT to blog about, I’m just too beat to sit and type it all out. Here’s a quick list of things that happened this weekend…

2. I cleaned the main level of my house… spotless. As of bedtime tonight… a total disaster again.
3. Otey went to a rodeo in Cleveland, OH.
4. Otey broke his leg.
5. Yes… I said Otey broke his leg. More on that tomorrow.
6. I made the YUMMIEST dinner tonight. Chicken Rotell/Chicken Spaghetti… what ever you like to call it. I call it YUM.
7. Cooper told Otey he could fix his leg… “Just a minute Daddy… I’ll get a screwdriver… annndddd…. sommmme…. scissors!”

That’s all I can come up with. What a cruddy post. Happy Sunday my people.

  • Tanya - I am so with you on cleaning the house. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother because Trey is going to destroy it in five minutes. How sweet of Cooper to take care of his dad, isn’t it amazing how little boys already think that they can fix anything.

  • Kim - 1. We your fans do not care what the content of your post is…just give us something!
    2. Poor Otey….hope he’s okay.
    3. I am laughing my head off at Heather’s comment about Doogie Houser-somehow I can just picture that sweet little Coop as Doogie!
    4. Grady is standing????? Huh what …OMGosh…wasn’t he just born?:)
    and 5.I’m with Betsy…bring on the recipe!

    How’s that for a cruddy comment?!
    Love your blog, whatever it is, its always good and makes my day complete:)

  • Heather Ruhe - How many bones has he broken over the years??? Poor guy! Hugs to you all!

  • codymc - ouuuuuch. which leg? hopefully not the one with the rod in it?

  • Betsy Feaster - I need a new recipe, so hit us with the Chicken Rotell/Chicken Spaghetti, Kathy. Please, do not leave us hanging. Anything that is YUM has to be worth a recipe to your loyal blog stalkers! 🙂

  • Heather Mears - Wondering why you never mentioned in any previous blogs that Cooper was an aspiring doctor? Does it run in the family or is he a Doogie Houser?

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