sugar and spice? puppydog-tails?

Has anyone noticed how big the little spinning alien baby is getting over there to your right? Cletus the Fetus actually kind of resembles a baby now. Sad thing is, I already resemble a pregnant lady. With Cooper I gained 30lbs and 24lbs of it was in the first four months. Then I only gained 6 pounds the entire second half of my pregnancy. I haven’t been on a scale to see how this one is going, but I know that I’m only a little over three months pregnant and people are already asking me when I’m due. I’m not complaining. I’ll take looking pregnant for nine months straight if need be, just funny how I am showing so fast with this one too. I am slightly scared to say that I’m starting to think this baby might be a girl. YIKES. I haven’t been sick anything like I was with Cooper, and my belly is a lot lower and wider this time. What are we going to do if it’s a girl? We have boy stuff. We know how to be “boy” parents. I’m not sure I know how to be a “girl” Mom. Not to mention she will have to be one tough cookie to live through childhood with a big brother as wild as Cooper. Otey thinks I’m crazy, that there is no way I know. For now we are still referring to it as “he”. I guess we will until we have that all-important-why-can’t-it-get-here-sooner-is-it-a-boy-or-girl ultrasound. Only a few more weeks until we (and you) will find out.

I updated my calendar on last night all the way up to when Cletus is due. I am currently booking spring 2008 sessions if you would like to reserve your appointment time before they are all gone! I have an open weekend in March and one in April that I’m thinking might work for the Marshall, Missouri area. If you have inquired about a Marshall session, please voice your opinion on the weekend of March 14th and/or April 4th in the comment section of this post. Will the weather be warmer by then? I need an almanac… help me out farmers.


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