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I tend to be a little neurotic when it comes to researching new products. My husband hates it when I use the world “anal” so let’s just say I like to be a well informed wise consumer. Although that sounds like a positive thing, sometimes it has a tendency to turn into weird obsessions in knowing every little detail about any product and it’s competitors, as well as memorization of every review ever angry or tickled pink consumer has written about the product. And, to top it all off… you all know I PRIDE myself in getting the absolute best deal on anything I buy. Otey makes fun of me all the time because I’m not afraid to ask the clerk in the department store for a discount. For the most part, it usually works. I will search high and low, drive across state or country, spend hours upon hours on the internet, obsessively check new listings on ebay, craigs list, or any other bargain site just to be able to say “you’ll never believe what a deal I got on this”. Case in point… about five years ago when my Mom & Dad said they would buy me a good vacuum for my birthday (they aren’t as lame as that sounds, I asked for one) I spent literately weeks researching vacuums until I found the perfect one that best fit our lifestyle. And I must say, it paid off… so much so I would have named Cooper Dyson if Otey hadn’t had enough since to not let me name our first born after our vacuum. When I found out that the invetro cycle had worked with Cooper, I went ABSOLUTELY CRAZY researching baby gear. The safest carseat, the best stroller… I’m talking CRAZY. Baby gear was my total obsession. ESPECIALLY strollers. When Coop was born we didn’t have a house. We were traveling full time for Otey’s job so I didn’t obsess about the normal Mom stuff. My biggest obsession was a stroller because I knew Cooper would spend many hours of his life in it, and I would spend many hours of mine pushing it. I am proud to say that I did find the perfect stroller. I absolutely love my Quinny Buzz. Otey’s Mom and I were just laughing about me wearing the tread off the rubber tires. Who knows how many miles I have pushed that thing. The three best features of the Buzz are… 1. You can tap it with your foot and it unfolds it’s self (gas spring technology like an office chair) 2. You can really push it around with one hand and it has almost a zero turning radius 3. The toddler seat comes completely off so you can use the infant seat (Maxi Cosi Cabrio) until they out grow it. I was looking for a picture of Cooper in his Buzz and I found so many that brought back warm and fuzzy feelings, I thought I’d share a few. These are from 3 weeks old to 19 months old (excuse some of the poor photo quality… some are shot with my phone).


So… as you can imagine…. the search for the ultimate double stroller has been going on for about a month now. I have read, researched, shopped, asked Mom’s at Disney World, compared prices, compared measurements, weights, and features and I think I just might have found the stroller that will maybe measure up to my Buzz. Here it is, the Valco Baby Tri Mode Twin Double Stroller (did that long name make you laugh?)


I think I’m going to go with black this time. We avoided black the last time because our pooch sheds little white hairs everywhere, but really… he’s not around the stroller that much. This stroller has a handy little deal that allows you to put the infant seat inside one of the toddler seats. That way Cooper can have his comfy chair and I won’t have to take Cletus out of the carseat. Also, from what I’ve read, for a double stroller it is pretty light weight and easy to fold (only 33lbs instead of some of the 40lb-ders). Now… the real hunt begins. I have to find a super smokin’ deal on it!

Also, on a very VERY sad note… to be able to afford my new stroller Cadillac, I am going to be selling my old stroller Cadillac. The Quinny + Maxi Cosi Infant Seat + all the accessories (shopping basket, rain cover, tire pump, diaper carry thinginy) will be up on ebay in a few weeks. Email me if you want a heads up when I list it.

  • Lisa - Hey Kath! Laura Lea bought a Combi side by side and couldn’t be happier. It’s super light weight(considering) and it fits in a lot of aisles that she didn’t think was possible. And now Jada doesn’t want to ride in it as much, but sis just puts purse/diaper bags/and any other accessory that babies need in that side! Hope you are great…talk to you soon! Lisa

  • Mary Kay Jungers - Kathy,

    Sounds like you’ve done all the research, but think about this: You will soon be to the point where Cooper will be hoofing it on his own and then you will be stuck with a double stroller for a single baby. You might consider just packing the new baby around in a belly pack (sort of like you’re doing now) until Cooper vacates the stroller and then you will be able to keep your beloved Buzz. Or at the very least, perhaps you could find a way to keep your old stroller and get the new one, too, because the period of time in which you need a double stroller will not be all that long (unless Cletus has an Irish twin).

    Congratulations on the pregnancy!

    Mary Kay

  • Debbie - Kathy, let me know how much you want for the stroller. David would probably kill me for spending money on a stroller! You never know when I might be a Nana!
    Love ya, Debbie

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