Stinkin’ Laptop!

Okay, so much for posting everyday.  My NEW laptop that I bought in February is on the brink.  After hours on the phone, the final verdict is "I think your modem is gone… send it in, or take it to a certified repair center".  Because I am posting on the desktop computer tonight, I can’t post any of the new pictures of Cooper.  I have lots of new fun pictures from the weekend to post.  I’m going to go buy one of those handy little USB portable do-hickie drive things so I can post photos from the desktop after I edit them on my laptop.

My cousin’s wedding went great Saturday.  Cooper was extra pukey all day Friday and Saturday morning, so I waited until we got to the church to put his shirt on him… and can you believe it…. he made it through the wedding AND the reception with no puke!  It was a miracle!  He did have hiccups during the ceremony that made everyone around him laugh.  I have great pictures of my entire extended family and of the ceremony.  I"ll post a few (after I get one of those do-hickies).

Otey traded our 5th wheel in this weekend while he was at Sikeston.  I looked at pictures of the new one on the internet and he did the deal and took on the monster chore of switching all of our stuff from the old camper to the new camper.  I can’t wait t see our new home in person! 

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