Stacy, Clinton… WHERE ARE YOU?

The above title is in reference to the television show… “What not to wear” Anyway…

Did you watch the Superbowl? Bill Belichick (the coach of the looser New England Patriots) should have been arrested. Not for his terrible display of coaching skills on that particular day, or his bad sportsmanship, but strictly because the man makes MILLIONS and he wore a hooded sweatshirt that he cut the sleeves off of TO THE SUPERBOWL! THE SUPERBOWL?!!


Did you just laugh out loud when you saw that picture? Every time they showed him on the sidelines I nearly stroked. I kept saying over and over again… “His wife should be shot for letting him wear that!”. Come to find out, he’s not married, but he did have a couple of girlfriends at the game that should have helped him out! The worst part of all of this is while I was looking for a photo of his trashy outfit, I found photographic evidence proving this is not his first offense with the handy dandy kitchen scissors against a sweatshirt…

Belichickstud Belichick_425_080115
**Those are two different gray sweatshirts above… one with hood, one without**

Don’t get me wrong. I am all for homeless people wearing sweatshirts like the ones pictured above, but come on…. IT’S THE SUPERBOWL!!! If it’s too hot for a hooded sweatshirt WITH the sleeves still attached… surely he could afford a t-shirt… or a polo… or SOMETHING!!!

I’d like to end this post by saying I know nothing about Mr. Belichick as a person, these are observations made strictly on physical appearance… except for the poor coaching during the superbowl comment… he could have worn a tux and I’d have said that! Anywho.. that’s my rant for the day. Feels good to get it off my chest since I’ve had it bottled up since Sunday.

  • Kimberly - I don’t know how I didn’t see the post when you posted it. I don’t like him much either, however he has a reason for cutting off the sleeves. He cuts the sleeves off and looks tacky on purpose as a protest to the NFL’s clothing agreement with that particular company. The coaches and staff are REQUIRED to wear team logoed gear by that company to every game….gone away are the days of Tom Landry in a suit.

    On the flip side Bill should just suck it up, deal with and stop looking so tacky. He gets paid way more money than he should, so who cares that once a week you are forced to wear a specific thing?

  • dad - anyone that makes the superbowl can ware what ever thay want.

  • Kari - Love the headlines. Can’t wait to show Syd and Taylor, we LOVE Stacy and Clinton and are faithful Friday night viewers of both episodes. I did not watch the superbowl so I missed the cutoff sweatshirt. You’re right how tacky.

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