snowing, sleeting, blowing, FREEZING

It is now officially FREEZING in Iowa.  We’re getting a nice winter mix outside with not much accumulating except for ice.  Our front porch is slicker then snot.  Cooper spent the morning with his Dad while I went down to the Amish furniture store looking for a bed.  I am oddly intrigued by the Amish people.  There are several Amish communities around Ottumwa.  When you drive in to town it’s like going back in time.  There are horses and buggies driving down the road and hitched all over town.  There are little kids playing outside in bonnets and long black coats (even today when it was 16*).  It’s really a totally different world just a few miles from the one I live in.  I was thinking today I really need to take my camera out there.  The furniture in their store is unbelievable.  Everything is perfect… like from the highest end furniture store you’ve ever been in.  There are very plain pieces, and some of the most intricate beautiful pieces you’ve ever seen.  Of course…. nothing matched the furniture I was trying to match… but it was a good trip anyway.

I know I haven’t posted pictures all week (sorry Grandmas).  I’ve been working on some pics that I’m behind on.  I’ll hopefully shoot some of Cooper tomorrow to post.

  • Heather - Welcome to my world…the Amish part of it, that is. Odon is surrounded by the Amish community. On taking your camera…be careful, most Amish will not allow their picture taken…they think that you seen into their soul. First hand experience my 1st summer here. You would’ve thought I had the plague when I had my camera at the park taking pictures of the girls. Keith quickly informed me to be cautious, ask 1st! You are right, their furniture, actually everything they make is awesome. If you stay long enough, kids will bring homemade goodies to bday parties. Yummy! Love ya!

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