Snow, Snow, Go Away!

Look at my little cutie-patootie…


We are experiencing an unusual heat wave here in Iowa.  It got all the way up to 33* today!  Cooper and I went and ate lunch with Otey and ran some errands this afternoon.  When we got home, I let him play outside for ten minutes or so.  It’s either snowy or wet everywhere, so we had to come in as soon as his little legs started getting tired.  It’s too wet for him to sit down.  We just played around on the driveway and in the edge of the snow.  Our driveway finally melted off today, but we are supposed to get a pretty big snow tonight.  I’m soooo sick of snow! 

Cooper is currently napping.  This is our first day with no Formula.  We have now officially converted to Whole Milk.  So far so good!

  • Heather - Can he PLEASE come stay w/ me? He’s so cute – and I miss him!!!!

  • Grandma/ Mom - LOVE YOU ALL

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