Snow Baby

It finally warmed up some today (all the way to 29*) so we decided to take Cooper out and let him "play" in the snow for the first time.  Otey had to keep a hand on him because his little snow boots are so heavy and big that he falls down when he tries to walk on his own in them.  Here he is checking things out…


He really loves being outside.  He doesn’t care if it’s bundled up in the snow, or swimming at the beach… just as long as he’s outside.  Otey and I made snowballs and threw them up in the air for Louie and Cooper laughed so hard he couldn’t stand up straight.  He thought it was hilarious that Louie would jump up and bite them and the snow would go everywhere.  You know, it’s too bad we can’t have snow and warm weather at the same time.  It sure would make playing in it a lot more fun!


Aren’t those little boots too cute?  He looked like the little brother on the "Christmas Story" movie.  He couldn’t even put his arms down or walk because I had so many layers on him.  We were only outside like five minutes.  It took twice as long for me to get him ready to go outside!

We’re off to Licking, MO tomorrow to meet baby Cole.  Yippee!!!!  We are also picking up Cooper’s Grandma Curry at the airport on our way back to Iowa on Sunday.  Double Yippee!!!  Cooper is going to have a very big weekend getting to see both Grandmas!  On another note… My website is nearly finished and should launch by the first of February (hopefully).  I’ll be emailing out the link as soon as I "go public".

  • Heather - He’s soooooooooo cute! Girls loved seeing this post. We read it before school this morning.

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