I am one.
No really.
I’m sick.
I’m blogging in bed on my phone. We have to leave at the butt crack of dawn for Otey’s doctor appointment, so I’m doped up and praying Grady deceides to sleep all night. Please pray for my speedy recovery… we kind of need at least one functioning adult in our house.
Yes Mom.
I said butt crack.

  • aunt harriet - leaven Otey some love…sounds like he is the one that needs it the most right now!
    I am with you on the Dutch letters!!!
    love and hugs to all…
    Aunt H

  • Kim - I wish I could be there to help…..

  • Georgia McCloy - Hope you are better this morning I know you have your hands full and to be sick on top of it is horrible. I pray both you and Otey get better soon and the kids stay well.
    Love georgia

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