Well, it finally happened.  I was finally pushed to my limit.  Too many poopie diapers, too many fits, too many early morning wake up yells…


Of course I am kidding!  How bad a Mom do you think I am?  True story is that Cooper fell on our upholstered (padded) ottoman and some how managed to poke the corner right in his eye.  The above picture is the result.  Check out my little slugger!  He looks pretty tough with his first black eye.  Funny thing is he didn’t even really cry.  Just whimpered for a second and then went on about his super busy business.

I have been such a lazy blogger lately.  That stops today.  No more skipping days, no more I’m too tireds… I’m getting back into my routine.  In fact, here is a personal challenge to self… 30 days straight.  I’m not sure I can be witty and entertaining for 30 days straight, but there will be something new everyday!


  • mom - kathy they all get those bumps and bruises. It wont be the last one trust me. Boyz seem to get them double also……So cute he is.
    Be careful and drive safley. Julie told me you were goin seperate ways this weeekend. You are one in a million. Read ya tomarrow. Love mary

  • Mom - Doesn’t look as bad as I expected. He’ll no doubt have more and worse! How did you get him to lay still long enough to take the picture? love you all

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