How cute is the new little guy on my blog banner?   And yes,if you were wondering… he did get himself in trouble with that dirt just a few seconds after the photo was shot. I LOVE how mischievous he looks… love it!

I am FINALLY getting to leave the great state of Alabama in the morning. My last rodeo ended tonight and so I'm off to Nashville, Tennessee tomorrow for a photo shoot and to visit my old college roommate… yippee!  I'll be in Indiana by the wee hours of Monday morning and I should be in Iowa by Monday night. If you email Sunday or Monday, please be patient as I will be doing over 20 hours of driving (not counting eating, burping, wiping, time) and might not have time to pick up my messages.
I am soooo ready to see Otey. This has been a hard trip apart. He's going to die when he sees how much Grady has changed. I think he started shaving this week.

Sidenote… Aunt H, I'm not ignoring your request for Cooper/Grady photos… I've just been pulling some VERY long days.  Some this week, I promise!

  • Heather M. - I’ll be glad when you get home because I check your blog daily and I feel like I’m out of the loop in your world lately! You are a daily source of entertainment for me! Is it sad that I just admitted out loud that I depend on your blog for a daily dose of fun/humor???

  • Georgia McCloy - hey, I’m with your aunt H I need some pics of Cooper and Grady,Glad you get to go home and have had a good week. We are proud of you. Love Grandma G

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