Congrats Kay McGee from Alabama!  You are the winner of the kathymccloy photography self portrait photo contest!  Yippee!!!


         2nd place -Amber                                           3rd place – Alison

Amber               Alison


Thanks so much to all of you that entered and voted!  I have so much fun seeing what you all come up with and then who everyone votes for.  Funny story I have to tell you… I didn't even open the emails that had the vote in the subject line.  I just marked down the vote and then deleted them.  I did have to open about 50 emails that put their vote IN the email instead of in the subject line… anywho, one of the voters who choose Alison's self portrait said… "Any Mom that has three kids that little deserves a prize!"

Kay… email me and let me know which prize you will be choosing!

  • Kim - Fun fun fun Kathy:)

  • Kay - I am so excited! This has been so much fun. A huge thank you to everyone who voted for my photo. I really appreciate it! Also, thanks Kathy for having such a fun contest. Everybody loves your daily blabber keep up the good work.

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