While I was home in Indiana last week I had the opportunity to shoot two sessions with two very close high school friends of mine (sidenote… I have been out of high school for 12 years…. 12 years?).  When I returned to my parents house late that evening after photographing these two BEAUTIFUL women, I said to my Mom… "How in the world did I make it through High School with out having the lowest self-esteem on the planet?"  I mean seriously… I ran around with seven other girls (The "Great 8") and they all looked like this.  Hot.  Anywho, let's start with Angie and her family.  Sweet little Addie is pushing 2yrs already.  The photo of the cute baby you click on to "enter site" or "enter blog" on my splash page…. that's Addie one year ago.  It's amazing how fast they grow.





If I didn't know Angie, this photo wouldn't have made it in to her gallery.  BUT… since I do know Angie, and I know that she cackles really loud and loves to laugh… it had to stay.  Just so you know… she's laughing that hard because Addie just sneezed and made her Daddy a "special little present".  One more thing about Angie… we played Volleyball together in high school and the first time I ever heard Sheryl Crow's song "All I Want To Do" was while we were in a drill line at summer practice.  Angie was singing it (we didn't get MTV at my house so I had never heard it).  To this day, every time I hear that song I think of her.


Now.  Lisa.  I have known Lisa since kindergarten.  We grew up playing sports together, catching the bus at each other's house (her bus came twenty minutes later then mine so when I missed the buss my Mom would frantically drive me to her house to catch it… weekly… okay… twice weekly… thanks Mom).  Anyway, she now is the Mama of much loved baby Sophie who is about to have her first birthday.




This chair was Lisa's Grandmas.



I think this post has me all caught up on posting photo sessions.  Good news for me… bad news is you could be subjected to a few days of meaningless blabber.  My favorite. 

  • Kim - Wow Wow Wow…kathy…unbelievable. you nailed them:) WOW.

  • Angie - Kathy – You have given me my good share of cackles over the years. Isn’t it hard to believe that we have hit point in our lives where we have known each other longer than not??? Your pictures, your post and your friendship have made my day! I love ya babe! – Angie

    PS – Cheryl Crow is freakin’ awesome in concert… a true ROCK STAR!!!

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