Rylee + Cooper

Cooper’s good friend Rylee had a birthday party at the rodeo today.  She is now the ripe old age of 2.  She had a fun B-day party with all of her family and several friends.  A bunch of us went in together and bought her a Gator.  She was so excited that they pulled it out of the box and let her sit in it without even putting it together.  Do you think she looks like she liked it?


I love that picture.  She is so stinking cute.  Here are a couple that I shot of her a few days ago…


Through the storm door…. SOOOOOO stinkin’ cute!


Cooper is exactly six months younger then Rylee.  This is the first time that they’ve seen each other that they really played good together.  Here they are having a little pool party…


Rylee’s Mama… (my friend since college) Jolyn, was entertaining my kid feeding him Goldfish crackers one at a time.  Cooper was pretty darn funny… he would open his mouth wide open, squint his eyes, stick out his tongue, and giggle.  You can see the fish in his mouth in the last shot.


And last but not least… Cooper was mesmerized by these reflective silver doors.  He kept giving sugar to that handsome baby that follows him around all of the time…


We head home first thing Sunday morning.  It’s about 13 hours so we should be home in time for Otey to go to bed and be ready for work Monday morning.  Funny how the drive home always seems twice as long as the drive away from home.

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