Rock Star

It always seems like on MTV in those Rock videos that every pool party ends up with chairs in the pool.  If that’s the case… Cooper is a Rock Star in training.  We had a one baby pool party this afternoon that ended with a nearly empty pool containing one slide, two chairs, a toy shovel, and multiple dinosaurs and sea creatures.  Oh… and one tired naked Rock Star.



My little Rock Star is REALLY in to animals right now.  he especially likes it when we draw them outside with sidewalk chalk.  He names off the animal, then one of us makes a sorry attempt to draw it, then he jumps around and yells in glee before shouting out the name of the next animal he wants to see.  Usually we go through about 15 different animals before he runs out of ideas.  A couple of days ago he asked me to draw “daddy” for the first time.  Then he wanted Otey to draw “mommy”.  My husband (being the smart man that he is) passed on the way easy chance to make big fun of his pregnant wife… so instead… I had the honor of drawing “mommy”….


Sorry I didn’t really do my hair justice Erica, but the rest is pretty accurate!  Ankles that blend seamlessly into shins… let’s just call them shankles, a dress (the only thing I can wear that my belly or but crack won’t hang out of) and the same (used to be cute) black shoes I’ve been wearing every single day since April.  Oh… and how about Otey’s ears and skinny neck?  In my current pregnant state I can’t breath when I bend over to draw… the lack of oxygen must be effecting my art skills just a tad. 

Thanks for all the emails and phone calls checking on the baby status.  Obviously he’s still not here.  I will make sure it gets posted on the blog when I head to the hospital. 

  • Georgia McCloy - We both just looked at the pics and love them hope to see you tomorrow.

  • Kim - Love those pics of Cooper-he’s such a sweetheart:)

  • codymc - Love those pix! (especially the sidewalk portraits)

  • aunt harriet/mom - you are such a wonderful story teller and a steller artist!!!

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