Risky Business

We made it through "shot" day.  Cooper is now safe and protected from chicken pox, measles, and mumps.  Let me let you in on a little secret… one year shots are given in the arm, not the leg.  All of the shots up to this point have been in his little chubby leg, but I had to hold him up against me and pin him down while the nurse gave them in the back of his arms!  Because these two shots are live viruses, they hurt going in I guess.  Cooper confirmed it.  Here he is with the FABULOUS DR. DAN before the attack…


Dr. Dan isn’t actually the one who gives the shots, so he and Coop are still pretty good buddies.  After Cooper got his shots, he was the lucky recipient of a Sponge Bob Squarepants and a  Spiderman Band-aid.  This was hours later when we were getting ready to go to bed…


We stopped at the mall on the way home and Cooper got a bunch of new clothes.  I forgot to mention that Cooper is in the top 75% in height, and 50% in weight.  That pretty much equals not enough booty to hold up his britches!  Today we found some that are cut a little smaller around the middle so he can actually keep them up.  They were on sale for $9.00!  We bought three pairs in his current size, and four pairs in the next size.  We bought him a slew of shirts also.  When we got home, I decided to try one of his shirts on him before we got our jammies on.  I grabbed my camera and nearly laughed out loud when I realized what I was shooting.  For any of you 30ish girls out there, what does this remind you of…


Risky Business!  Look at my little Tom Cruise!

  • Heather - I’m still catching up…love this picture. He just needs some Ray Bans to complete the look!

  • Stormi - Glad you survived the shots! Buss will be home tomorrow. Will you still be in town?

  • Laura - That is so cute, it made me laught!!! Love ya!

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